Write Me a Love Letter

Write me a love letter,
my love
my love

Write me a love letter and throw it in the sea
and the Blue’s waves will read it out to me
with a wave a tear and a growl long
and the voice of my love
that sweet sing-song; I hear it

Write me a love letter draw only
smiles and tears from me
like only you can and stop only
until I shiver with your love
and the warm drumming of your heart
that I wish is like the hum-drum lub-dub of battalions at war
sounding from deeper than deep and hotter than hot and I know
after the boots strike floor and hearts fall sore
with fear; the soldiers die and the vanquished fall
and the great drum of war never stops

I hope it doesn’t.

Write me a love letter and burn it a fire
and remind me as I watch the embers die
and the last red flame fly
how coldsmallweaklightfrail fire really is
compared to that bitter passion I soothe
with the sweet of your lips but it lasts little
so I always need more

It’s ridiculous.

Write me a love letter and keep it to yourself
keep it hidden and I’ll read your words
your lines, your love, my love
in your eyes.



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