Chicken Boy

chicken boy
is mad, master says
chicken boy is
dreaming, master says,
is no good, boy

master says

in belly
it puts.

chicken boy
forgets his
own red cut
fingers blood flow
stink grow
away water wash no
chicken boy
fly far, watches star
light beam alien shapes
on water blue
has no clue where
he is but chicken boy
remembers all when
another delivery thunk and
lies before him
brown box big

50 kilo, box says

Skin chicken

master says

Is good

master says.


  1. Chicken boy! lol

    Is it the heat, hunger or the hunt for something substantial *to ponder about* ? Or a combination of ALL three which resulted in ‘Chicken Boy’? *Note – web page not yet done – the web address will deny entry! lol InshaAllah it will be up and about in a matter of a few more days*

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