It Seems Like It

I see you there
Ahlan ya seedy
A cup of coffee, tea?
sit, listen to this
If you’re free
I want to tell
some things I see
It’ll only take a moment
or two.

I see you there
Living in the grey zone
The White and The Black
are too definite and you’re too
Of where to stand, both are
At times right
So you pick the middle of the battlefield
It’s safest.

I see you there
Asking who I am, and
You never find an answer
past the painfully simple: the wrong,
and the horrendous clichés,
Do you?
Find a good answer or find a pre-cooked uniform
They offer many for the
Likes of you.

I see you there
You’re a walking cliché yourself
No opinion is genuine, you say
Everything is an imitation of something worse
And that’s wise, perhaps, maybe, why not
But it’s also funny because
It’s truest of you
But you hope
if you’re lucky
you’ll blow away that ash

I see you there
Knocking my door and I see you, excited
and like only the infantile do
knocking a cheery onetwothreefour and I
Have answered the door to a child afraid
Because you are a child still
The truth bears no insult, boy
It’s a curious thing, have your fill
Welcome to The Truth Store
We have truths in tightly capped
Glass bottles that shine
Like light itself

Pay at the till.

I see you there
Tending wounds that don’t exist and
fixing mistake upon mistake and another one yet
Wondering if it’s stupidity or ignorance that got you here but
you hope it’s the latter
because you can live and learn and
Ignorance can be fixed
But stupidity is eternal

You don’t want Stupidity.

I see you there
Waiting for the hole to be
Finally filled over with the golden sand
of a love or a greater understanding
or a few moments
(only a few, don’t be greedy)
that have your heart sing until its walls shake
or is it an imagined hole?
You can’t fill
one of those.

I see you there
A word and another
and a fair helping of bother
but with a few smiles too
The recipe to brew one of your days
Most meld into one
Don’t they?

“Indistinct” is the word.

I see you there and I ask you,
Little Child, afraid child,
are you me?

It seems like it.


  1. Your best till date … is this. It seems like it, because your best is yet to be, yet at this point in time, this is it – your best 🙂 Oh, I’m gonna tweet this one & call it a day of snooping in leaf of light! have a good day 🙂

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