Kreativ Blogger Award

Today I woke up to something wonderful!

It appears there’s something called the Kreativ Blogger Award. And if this isn’t a figment of my mind’s creation, and I’m not imagining things, I was awarded it! I have the lovely Suad Shamma to thank for this honour, and I’m very grateful! Click here to visit her blog 

It also appears that I have to do a few things to be entitled this award. The first of which is to mention ten things about myself,  so:


1. I try to slow things down with my mind, so that I can enjoy them more before they slip from within my reach.

2. My earliest memory is of my younger sister and me running somewhere. I can’t remember where.

3. I have a slight stutter. (Only goes away after a few moments of silence.)

4. I go on walks frequently, and reading in parks is a particular favourite!

5. I’m no fan of nationalism, and I don’t like labels of nationality, but if you absolutely must class me, under “Egyptian” shouldn’t be too far off the mark.

6. I love being a wearer of glasses. It makes feel … powerful? (Not the kind of glasses that shields your eyes from the sun, the kind you wear when you have bad eyesight.)

7. My first crush was in kindergarten. She was cute. I never worked up the courage to ask her her name.

8. I spend a significant portion of every day being the Hug Dispenser!

9. Cold chocolate is ruined chocolate, I say! Leave it out of the fridge!

10. My initials spell ASS. (It’s also a very popular set of initials, believe it or not!)


Okay, next step: it follows that I nominate blogs I think are worthy of the award. The following are blogs the owners of which inspire me, and whose blogs are entertaining and delightful! They’re all brilliant! Honest and sincere and always well-worded is their writing. Here, in no particular order:

  • Rebel-ution: An enlightened philosopher’s online abode.
  • Just sayin’: Eloquence paired with interesting reflections, with a liberal dash of hilarity.
  • Layers of My Soul: I’ve cried many a time while browsing the virtual pages of this gem of a blog.
  • Organica: Much like its owner, this blog is admirably daring. Original and always a great read.
  • Caffeinated Rory: poignant observations on life. Honest, witty, and hilarious!


Now, if you accept this award, you must do a few things, namely:

  • Display the award image on your blog.
  • Acknowledge the nominator.
  • List ten things about yourself that readers probably don’t know.
  • Pass the award along by nominating six other blogs you enjoy reading.



  1. Congrats! I agree with you, chocolate should be left out of the fridge, and a hug dispenser is always a great thing, I could use one around here.

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