Two-Word Name for a Poem

Not just a place with a bed and pillow

This is a maze
this; my life
endless and constant and
I’m stuck within it,
I have not a spool of thread or a light.

Another dead end now
Fall and pull at broken branches

I see many faces glow
Meet many; they love; they
Live; think to myself
Are they like me?
Do they also have
what I carry in my chest?

Backtrack, retrace steps
Another route discarded; useless
I was wrong
Another route to be taken; now
A brand new road
Strewn with uncertainty
That chokes my sight.

But it’s beautiful
Like her brown eyes
Inviting; I know
I will find it; in the end;
where the road halts and I will too
One day I will belong
One day, I will stop; cease to wander
Cease to roam
I will find my home.

And it will be so; a home
Not just a place with a bed and pillow.


  1. InshaAllah 🙂

    And oh! This poem, I actually liked the best. Its not about a ‘wandering’ soul or a ‘lost’ soul or a somebody in ‘search’ of home … to me it speaks of the certainty of finding ‘the’ home – a place with not just a bed and pillow! I’d have named the poem – It will be so.

    😀 yea right optimistic me!

  2. *Psychic cap on* wait a sec, you looked at the last two words on the previous comment & went – AHA! that’s a nice Two Word title which describes the poem best 😉 lol 😀 😀 😀

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