Feminism: the Broken Biscuit Syndrome

Note: the following consists entirely of the writer’s opinion.

Why is feminism needed? What are the mouths on TV saying that has them so red in the face with emotion? It’s the fact that our society is intrinsically broken! If our society were a biscuit, it would be one that has been shattered to pieces and trampled on! I shall illustrate why that is so. It is not just one reason, dear person reading this, it is many! If our society was ever positively functional, it is not so now. An intricate web of malicious entities have brought us to being a society that engages in disgusting behaviour, and women have been handed the short end of the stick, for the most part.

Selective Acceptance

Within our thought and values, there is a divide favouring men over women. I scarcely have to write about that, more than enough has been said of it (and I don’t want to bore you, read on, it gets interesting). The short version is that men are assumed to be more worthy of holding power, and women inept, simply because the former have facial hair -most of them, anyway- and bits of flesh dangling out of their crotches. Ridiculous, but it happens. Behaviour that generally would be frowned upon is less likely to be so if undertaken by a man. Our society teaches us that. Our society teaches us that the man is to be given privilege, while the woman is his subordinate. That was the origin of feminism: the desire, the NEED, to rid society of its disease of sexism.

But that hasn’t happened. Instead, women continue to be harassed for being women!

Economy and the Image of Beauty

Sexual desire is a primal instinct, common to everyone. It’s natural, our species, like all others, needs continuity. It took, then, a smart -or is it devious?- person to think of how to ally that with the business of selling goods. How easy and perfect: you have your product shown around to your customers by beautiful women, and they’ll have their wallets out before you can say “Idiots being scammed”.

There’s so much that is wrong with that, I’ll take it on one vile part at a time.

One, the objectification of women! The danger and outrage here is that women, human beings, are being degraded to objects of lust and desire, used to market mobile phones and laptops. Not only is it exploiting the women involved, it turns the consumers attracted by this into mindless drones driven by empty, hollow desire. We are being made into stupid machines. I WOULD LIKEN IT TO THE SEX TRADE. What is this if not a shameless sex trade that demeans the person involved?

Then, another element to the evil cocktail. The thought of the models being beautiful. They are not. Because there really is no way of telling. Why, you ask?

Because beauty is not what the skin holds. It is not what is enhanced by make-up and a trip to the hairdresser’s. Not what you get by paying a plastic surgeon to operate on your body. Rather, that’s a muddled view of it. Beauty has always been the lengths you go to make the lives of those you care about easier. Beauty is when you do good. Beauty is when someone’s soul entices you with its purity. Beauty is the sincerity of caring about the other.

Beauty is all of that, and more, but is it not what it is advertised to be. But, of course, you have to advertise it that way. How would your sell your tubes of mascara then? You wouldn’t. So you have them believe beauty is what you get when you buy whatever product you’re selling. So, the models aren’t beautiful. And considering them beautiful leads to them becoming less of human beings, and more of things that are to be used for purposes of pleasure, utilized for the feeding of greed. Would you want that for yourself?

I don’t want my sisters -blood-bound, as well as otherwise- to be swallowed whole into this system that teaches them that they’re nothing if not the agreed-upon image of beauty, nothing if without a man, nothing if they do not keel over to acts of misogyny and not stand up for themselves. No.

She’s Wrong!

Imagine this scenario: a woman is sexually harassed. She is traumatized for life. In the aftermath of it all, she is blamed for the act. Blaming, accusing fingers will be pointed to her wearing supposedly revealing clothing, acting suggestively, or otherwise bringing it upon herself. So, in short, blaming the victim for the crime.


That is, for want of a better phrase, fucking dumb, disgusting, and a sign of a rotted mindset. Are you not justifying the perpetrator’s act by blaming the victim, lessening what must be imponderable blame? Are you not creating sexual molesters and harassers-to-be by teaching them that the receiving party is really the one at fault? Are you not perpetuating a poisonous train of thought?

You are.

The worst of it is that this is not spread by only men, but by women also. No one is exempt from the blame of this. The crime is never the victim’s fault. How anyone can justify a crime as ugly as rape is beyond me. This is filth: “But sometimes it’s the woman’s fault, she dressed/acted that way.” Instead, what we must champion is placing the blame entirely on the shoulders of those culpable.

“She’s asking for it,” you say? I say to the flaming, blistering pits of hell with you and everyone who agrees with you.

We must demand that no-one’s right to exist the way they see fit and right be infringed by the thought that it constitutes consent to sexual harassment. Recoiling in shame of what has befallen them does rape victims no good, and we are who force them into hiding, instead of shaming and punishing those responsible for their grief.

Feminism is not hatred or disliking of men, it is the belief and constant reminder that trampling on others’ rights must never and shall never be tolerated. Drop the silly image in the back of your mind of a bitter lady who hates men. Feminists are not women wanting to be men, they are women and men who believe in gender equality, as much of it as is humanly possible!

It occurs to me that the biscuit I likened modern society to is too smashed-to-smithereens to be fixed. We need a bake a new one. And to shatter stereotypes further, now the feminists are our bakers! Ha!


    1. I don’t even know what to say anymore. This post conveys everything that should be said, the difference …and you put it together perfectly. Bravo! Nobody would want that fpr any of their sisters and in the end whether sisters of the Ummah or the world, we’re connected and should only want what is fair for another. Thanks for posting Sami! Yet another great post.

  1. I keep reminding people about Hazrat Yousuf (Prophet Joseph). A woman tried to seduce him, puts him in prison because he says ‘NO’ … Yet, he – he bears her no ill will neither does he take advantage of her.

    Rape: heinous crime.

    Nobody asks for it. And there’s absolutely NO justification for it. And we now live at a time when even MEN are subject to this heinous crime.

    Well, there aren’t many who actually read about our prophets & learn. Who are role models? Film stars, sport stars, politicians. Prophets? Prophet who?

    Feminist Sami? Do u know who I consider one of the first feminists? Hazrat Isa (Prophet Jesus) – He actually stood up for a prostitute! He said, the one who has committed no sin from among you, cast the first stone. He did not condone her, neither did He condemn her. He told her to sin no more … Difficult indeed to find men like Prophets Jesus & Joseph … Okie, me hungry … So, tata 🙂

  2. I actually can not find the right words to express how I feel right now! I have never thought that there’s a MALE out there who has this type of mentality. You make a really good point, honestly, why should the victims be blamed for such a vile act ?? & okay let’s say that some girls do dress provocatively, how would that explain girls in abayas that get raped/sexually harassed ? & the sad thing is women are actually starting to believe that it’s their fault. So if a girl is raped her MOM, of all people, would tell her you’ve brought shame onto this family! That’s just sad. anyway, I can not think of better words than the ones you have chosen, Mashalla, you are talented!!

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