Month: December 2011

When She Cried

When she cried, it tortured him more than it did her. With every tear that slid down her soft, frightened face, a sliver of his soul detached and fell to the floor. Left his body that embraced hers. Like a cage. Tighter. Tighter. Broken shards of himself, falling to the cold floor. When the tears stopped, she looked down at him who had encased her in walls of his own being. His lifeless face. She cried again. For him. But there was none of him left to fall.


It kills me when you cry.

Why Do the Flowers Sing?

What is in the song of the flowers?

What are the gentle words

Of the lilies?


What are the

A thousand voices telling

Stories of love

Weaving endless lines

In air

Mourning the laughs

The deep eyes

Locks of brown hair.


Why do the flowers sing

For her when she walks past

The bed of dew?

Why do the flowers weep

With tears of red,


And crystal blue?


What is in the song of the flowers

It is all of life

All of death

It is every tear she shed

His soul lifted when he smiled

The last words

They said.


For every man, every woman

Every giggling child

There is one

Somewhere, waiting

Tethered to them

We don’t see the lines.


A flower, a record

Of all they did.

Of every word

Every scream

All the distorted images, of

 Their every dream.


In death, it starts

Slow, the song is

Telling of one who once walked

Was loved

Was hated

With soothing words,

once talked.


And forever the flower sings,

The song of life

Forever it mourns

Forever at song.



Valley of the Kings

Kings, Queens, set in gold

Monarchs of bygone times of old

In a yellow desert there

In Egypt land

A scorching hot bed

of golden sand.


Alongside a great river

Filled with sunset cod

They worshipped them


A mighty god.


On their faces, a solid, eternal smile

Forever lying in wait, by

The Valley of the Nile.

Things She Drowned

She drowned them

Repressed memories

Kept down inside

A shout, a hit, a yelp in shock

The tears and the pain

Screams cut silent air

Cut deep into rock.


Outside, the scars heal

But they bury down inside

 Inside her.


The tortured carry the weight

Until the weight is far too


For one to carry

On tired backs.


For with the

 Mementos and ghosts she drowned

She finally drowned a girl

Born on the wrong side of life

Born into a cruel world.