Carved In The Clouds

Suspended high up in the clouds are words engraved in white
Ever seen by but a few and entirely made of light
The biggest secret ever kept, that which can set things right.
Words such that can move a thousand hearts, your soul they can ignite.
 Written are the words of loves lost, of fires ever shining,
Of laughter set alight.

 Their writer spent a lifetime writing them, and nearly died of fright
 It’s said they say what we only feel, hold thoughts of fear and plight
 Every day they are effaced, erased by the dead of night
And every day they’re born again, carved out of twilight
Every day they live once more, seen by angels at flight
So many have battled, and failed,
To see them
So many have lost the fight.

 To see and read the words above the sky,
Above the heavens, they are so bright
But unattainable, they will always be, it is no matter of might
 And so, forever there they will remain,
Forever out of sight.

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