All in a moment …
The entirety of life passing
before your eyes
in heart and mind
Memories of loved ones
of friendships begotten
of days spent laughing till it hurt
of lost loves
Shock turns to regret turns to sorrow
but it is of no use
your time has come
the pain will now seize
lay, weary soul
the candle has burnt out
fight no more

Final breath, exhaled
All in a moment …


  1. Layk heya kteer 7lwa wa 2ltelek your amazing. This poem is short yet explains so much and is completely honest and true. Your an awesome poet, don't let anybody EVER tell you otherwise.

  2. Was afraid I might have to give a long comment for the next one too.. *grin* But na, just one line :

    “Such maturity in your writing. MashaAllah 🙂 keep at it.”

  3. Do you really believe that our lives flash before our eyes when we die, Sami? I think if this is true, this will certainly be the most painful of all life's moments.

    I like that the poem is short and concise, corresponding with the brevity and intensity of the moment itself…

    One more thing, “the pain will now seize”… you mean 'seize' or 'cease'?.. because if it's the first, that will be one scary moment indeed :S

    The metaphor of life as a candle is quite vivid, I loved it.

    The poem is deep but I guess you could've gone deeper than this. Good work though. 🙂

  4. To answer you question, Manal, I don't know if I believe that happens. It sure makes for powerful imagery, though. And I meant “seize”

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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