I am …

I am the very bane of your existence

I slither my way through your consciousness
eating away at all that is good
all that is pure

 Justifying the ugliest of acts
that’s me
Stealing the gleam of a child’s eye
That’s me too

I am the black smoke that hinders all your reason
I deprive you of all your sense
and leave you a worthless,
seething monstrosity


I fester in your heart and mind
body and soul
I consume every last inch
of your humanity

Few can resist me
for I am inviting
and to the belligerent of minds,

To my tactics, all are susceptible
and all vulnerable

So shield yourself, oh victim
You cannot afford to let me in

Purge me and thwart my efforts. Vehemently.
It is your only salvation

So what am I?


  1. I love everything about the poem, Sami, especially how you left it open for each reader to reflect on self and relate it to their personal lives and experiences. Thumbs up, my friend! Keep 'em coming!

  2. The greatest 'waswasa of shaitan' – 'Fahsha' in society !!!

    'Shamelessness' in All its shapes & forms. Take the 7 deadly sins:
    (1) Wrath: Its now ok to be angry. To harbor vengeance. Mankind has no shame to acknowledge this as a sin – instead he can justify it and execute vengeance!
    (2) Lust: Oh Bhoy! Do I hv to write about it? Just one line – BOTH men and women roam around the world quiet immune to shame not bothering to cover themselves; they say if one were to look at the exposed body part may it be a leg or a private part – if one were to look at it and think bad thoughts – its the thinker who is shameless and not the shower!!! Wow what a seducer shamelesness is !!!
    (3) Envy: Sami, the following is only an example: Assume Miss A *me:P* liked hmmm … a certain other writing more than Sami's writing, and Sami says : I'll get you man, I'll get you. She'll read the next one and she'll like mine better. There was a day when such a statement would have made an elder rise up and say, dont be jealous and envious of your brother, wprk on your own writing to better yourself and not to compete against your brother! But oh no! Not today, today such a sentiment is encouraged. Results came? Oh how much did Karim get? 97? Ah I got 98. Alhamdollillah!!! Lovely! The shamelessness with which we envy each other and then say its – healthy competition.
    (4) Vanity: I'm the Best! Should I explain any further? And the shameless way in which we declare to the world – I am the best!!!
    (5) Avarice: GREED. Avarice is derived from the root word: Latin avaritia, from avārus covetous, from avēre – meaning to crave. iPhone 3GS was not enough, I needed an iPhone 4 !!! And to add to the dilemma, there's an iPhone 5 coming up!!!!!! By the way, I call it – being abreast with the steadily growing technological advancements. Shamelessly defending the craving to play with more toys. What's the reason for a phone – to communicate. Does it happen with the iPhone 4? Yes, then WHY an iPhone 5??? Did the iPhone 4 break? Is it not working? NO. Then WHY another??? The shameless way in which one buys and buys and buys and also justifies it!!!
    (6) Sloth: Simply put, laziness! defined as : spiritual or emotional apathy, neglecting what God has spoken, and being physically and emotionally inactive. Did you stand for Salah today? Ah yes. Ummm 5 times? Oh! let me see, Fajr – man its too early, 4:20 for crying out loud, time when finally after all the tweets, sleep has just come to me! Zuhr – hey, second break right after Math & mechanics, just woken up after that heavy sleeping dose!!! Asr – Just returned from school in this scorching heat, let me just sit under the AC for a teeny tiny while *Snooze* – before long its time for Maghrib – Ah, fresh and hey at least one salah – Nice! Isha – What, when was Isha? I was busy scribbling off the math homework!!! Didn't even hear the Adhan. Qiyam *Excuse me, what exactly is that!?* Now, that is the condition of our Spiritual lives. By the way, did you see just how shamelessly I wrote it all down!!! Emotional – me, me, me, me, me. My life. My friends. My gadgets. My TV. My World. My heart. Allah – Allah, yes Oh the creator. By the way, where is He? Remember the floods? Why did He do that? *Umm… I did put a 10 Dh note in Red Crescent – bas, enough contribution for that!* People killing each other, Zina, Crimes, Revolutions …. Oooooooo The end of the world… *We talk and talk and talk. What have we done about it? Emotional apathy!!! But we have become so shameless we can just talk about it…

  3. (7) Gluttony: Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony (Latin, gula) is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. Not just food – ANYTHING – Too much money, too much fun, too much of everything – even Love!!! Yes, there is something called too much love and that is exactly what one uses to justify gluttony. Why is the child eating so much? Oh my b-a-b-y boy, you eat my honey bunch, you eat …. There's no such thing as too much eating when u are a child! Then, the kid grows up – he becomes – 'Obese' – and hey, obesity is a 'disease' !!! They are sick. Treat them.

    Wah wah wah *clap, clap* Now tell me, is it the 7 deadly sins which are the criminals or that ONE great beastly sin which our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the most afraid of for his umma: The greatest 'waswasa of shaitan' – 'Fahsha' in society !!! Arabic language is a beautiful language. Where English dissected sins to 7 Arabic talks of ONE which is above everything – Fahsha – Shamelessness to commit the sin and justify it : The very bane of our existence … Now read the lil poem again keeping in mind how shameless we have become, how 'DESENSITIZED' we are to sin, you will understand 😀

    Loved the poem and the way it made me think and write this down *Grin* Maa'salamah 🙂

    *Was too long had to cut to two comments – sorry about that !!!

  4. *hats off* Sami!! 🙂 That was one deep, mature poem indeed.

    I like that you left this vicious force that targets man's mind, body and soul anonymous because it could simply be anything depending on every reader's response to the poem. However, I'm not sure I liked the change of tone in the end; this force seemed enduringly dark, confidently malicious… but in the end, the tone suddenly changed to be quite instructive and empathetic. This confused me a little to be honest. Plus, I didn't like the question “what am I?” either.. sounded a bit childish. The mature ambiguity of the poem speaks for itself, no need to ask questions here.

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