Month: April 2011


All in a moment …
The entirety of life passing
before your eyes
in heart and mind
Memories of loved ones
of friendships begotten
of days spent laughing till it hurt
of lost loves
Shock turns to regret turns to sorrow
but it is of no use
your time has come
the pain will now seize
lay, weary soul
the candle has burnt out
fight no more

Final breath, exhaled
All in a moment …

I am …

I am the very bane of your existence

I slither my way through your consciousness
eating away at all that is good
all that is pure

 Justifying the ugliest of acts
that’s me
Stealing the gleam of a child’s eye
That’s me too

I am the black smoke that hinders all your reason
I deprive you of all your sense
and leave you a worthless,
seething monstrosity


I fester in your heart and mind
body and soul
I consume every last inch
of your humanity

Few can resist me
for I am inviting
and to the belligerent of minds,

To my tactics, all are susceptible
and all vulnerable

So shield yourself, oh victim
You cannot afford to let me in

Purge me and thwart my efforts. Vehemently.
It is your only salvation

So what am I?

Silent Masses
Rejoice, pure soul
’twas not in vain
for in remembrance of your death
we remain

Their tanks shall not hurt you
their guns shall not kill you

A week takes a thousand lives
these are the ways of our time
Grateful, though, I might be
the dead
eat away at me

Lived, I have
to see
a mockery made of me

Oh Pharoah,

Sell me not, the apparition of stability
Sell me not divisiveness
and hate
Sell me not your voice
of tyranny

Sell it, not to me
for my sisters
my brothers
have banished thee

no longer